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Welcome to the Colorado Rock Art Association

                   Come join us in enjoying, valuing and reserving Colorado Rock Art.

CRAA was organized in 2003 at the Pueblo Archaeology Conference. We are a section of the Colorado Archaeological Society.
          Our mission is to enjoy, preserve and educate the public about our archaeological heritage of rock art.

We offer many opportunities throughout the year to meet with fellow members and visit rock art sites.

We organize field trips around the state each year. These are open to all current members.

We host an annual symposium in different parts of the state each year where we bring together professional and amateur archaeologists to discuss the latest and most important issues in enjoying, understanding and preserving rock art in Colorado.

We organize several rock art recording and monitoring opportunities each year.

We also are establishing an archive of rock art materials at CSU in Ft Collins.

CRAA Archives

If you have any historical information about CRAA we would love to have it for the CRAA archives located in Ft Collins, CO. 

Please provide any photos, stories, newspaper clippings or whatever to Peter Faris or him at 303.690.3318